Our Olive Trees



Arbequina is a cultivar from Spain has been one of the most popular cultivars in Florida. It is a self-pollinator, which means it can use its own pollen to fertilize and produce fruit, but having other cultivars nearby seems to help.* Arbequina is known to produce a more delicate flavor of olive oil.



Koroneiki is a cultivar from Greece primarily used to produce olive oil.


Arbosona is another Spanish cultivar known for a high oil content and a robust-flavored oil.

Arbosona is another cultivar from Spain known for producing a large number of olives, and has a high oil content. Arbosona is known to produce a more robust-flavored oil.

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Selected Cultivars in Jefferson Olive Groves

Olive trees are an evergreen native to the Mediterranean, Asia, and Africa. The foliage is silvery green and has small white flowers in the Spring. Olive fruits start out as green and generally become blackish-purple when fully ripe. Olives are usually too bitter for eating right off the tree.  This is an advantage for growers, eliminating the need for pest control or damage from birds or deer eating the fruit. Some olives are suited for brining and eating later, while others are best for producing olive oil.*

  • Source: UF/IFAS – University of Florida